The Bright Field Community

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The Bright Field Community

The BFC is a group of leaders building, nurturing and
sustaining Christian communities in the Church of England.

We were drawn together around a desire to
re-imagine rural and multi-parish ministry and a concern for
the appropriateness of the inherited model.

We meet because we are passionate about rural ministry.

We take our name from the poem by R S Thomas,
The Bright Field.

We commit to:
meet together monthly;
eat together;
pray together;
use Scripture in contemplative ways;
listen to God and one another;
encourage one another in vulnerability, faithfulness and living
with that which cannot be resolved;
reflect theologically with the help of academic theologians;
share experience;

engage with contemporary issues in rural ministry.

Through this we hope to raise awareness, advocate for rural
ministry and for our colleagues, foster healthy church
communities and offer support with appropriate training.


Read the digest of the Bright Field Community Day held 15th May 2017 here

Following the Bright Field Community Day in May, Paul Seaton-Burn writes ...

Many of us are excited about the possibility of what God might bring about from our gathering and to that end we wanted to invite you to contact us if you would value a visit from a pair of Community members to discuss and pray with you and others in your area re: convening a similar group on your patch. As we are not a diocesan body our resources are limited and so our visits will be arranged to catch as many folk as possible. The teams meeting you will be happy to provide ongoing support, as much as they are able, but you will need to identify potential convenors where you are. (It may be that such a discussion might form part of another event, such as your local Mission Shed).

If you are interested in the Bright Field community please email and we will put you in touch

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