Crowd Funding

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On May 4th at a networking event held at Um,berleigh in North Devon, Steve Edwrads from Devon County Council gave a presentation on Crowdfunding and how it can be used. You can find the "powerpoint" version here and the "pdf" version with additional notes here.

Crowdfunding requires a significant amount of work in publising your project, usually in conjunction with social media and requires good networks - though involviong a significant amount of work it can be a very helpful tool to multiply funds.

If you would like further information, Steve's contact details are below.

Steve Edwards
Strategic Engagement Manager (and Locality Lead - Ivybridge)
Communities, Public Health, Environment and Prosperity

Devon County Council. 
Room G60 County Hall, Topsham Road,                     

Exeter, EX2 4QR

Tel. 01392 383000 (with voicemail)