Meeting 29th October 2018

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Papers and Background Information for Meeting 29th October 2018

10 am to 12 noon Young Farmers Centre Cheriton Bishop

Download the agenda for the meeting here

Item 4 - Notes from the meeting held on May 9th 2018

Item 6 - DCRF Conference - Proceedings

Item 7 - Germinate Groups -

Item 9 - Mental Health

a) Mental Health Round Table Annual Report - October 2018

b) Notes from Northern Devon Networking meeting on Mental Health

c) Devon Young Farmers/Farming Community Network Rural Plus programme - see article in DYC October newsletter

Item 10 - Deemed items

a) Farming Update
b) Directory of Social Activities – Progress and c) notes from networking meetings
d) Recent environmental meetings report (to be added)

Item 11 - Notices and Events

  • 31st October 2018 - Growing the Rural Church Conference: Building Conversations - Churches for Rural Communities
  • 9th November 2018 - Living with Dementia: Rural Issues and Solutions
  • 17th November 2018 - Hope in Conflict - Exploiring Creative Approaches to Peacemaking
  • 20th November 2018 - Send a Cow Prayer Event.
  • 20th to 21st November 2018 - Rural Officers Gathering
  • 19th February 2019 North Devon Health and Wellbeing Forum

Details, posters and more information on all the above can be foud on our What's On page here

Item 13 - Dates and Themes for future meetings

The following ideas have been received from members for future meetings:

  • Nurturing the next generation of rural children
  • Rural Ministry Training - "With Jill Hopkinson moving to Salisbury Theological college might it be worth discussing with her if our county/diocese might consider offering through her some sort of short immersion experience into Rural Ministry to try and enthuse ordinands about applying for Rural posts. Maybe we could do this also with other theological colleges/courses?”
  • Worship and Mission and Ministry in our communities: A brainstorm about seasonal worship/activity/gathering ideas? outreach activity/'being' in rural communities? services 'light' in liturgy which aren't Eucharistic... secretary's note: could these perhaps be covered by a "workshop" style event on rural worhsip and shared stories of rural engagement?
  • Michael Winter will be with us in July to talk about his farming and food report.