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Seasonal Calendar - Christian Festivals and Events - under development


As in a walking nativity - what about a walking visitation from the three kings - or a riding one if you have camels!

Common Worship has seasonal material for Epiphany, including material for "Unity" - see below. You can find the link here

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity - 18th to 25th January

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity – Churches Together in England (

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is an opportunity for Christians from local churches to come together in prayer, and many local Churches Together groups will host joint services together during this time. 

The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is traditionally observed from 18-25 January each year. However, some areas observe it at Pentecost or some other time. 

Resources are available each year from the Churches Together in Britain and Ireland (CTBI) website at 

The theme for 2023 is Do good; seek justice (Isaiah 1:17)

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday

We don't have any specially rural activities for Shrove Tuesdays (though I'm sure many a village Rectory and Village Hall has often been filled with pancake making).

You can download an example of a day of prayer pilgrimage around all the churches in a rural mission community. Please do send your own ideas so we can add them to our resources page for these special days.

St Francis's Day October 4th

A Celebration of St Francis's Day fits in with the overall theme of the creation season and is also used in some churches as an opportunity for a Pet's Service or a blessing of the animals.

Here you can find a link to the Church of England's "Creationtide Resources" page, which contains specific material for both St Francis and a Celebration of Animals.

All Saints and All Souls - 1st and 2nd November and Remembrance Sunday

These services need no introduction - and materials for use for all these services from the Church of England's Times and Seasons can be found here

Many churches invite those who have been bereaved over the past year to a special service for All Souls - a Commemoration of the Faithful Departed - and this is much appreciated.

Remebrance Sunday is a community or Civic service whether the context is rural or town based - though of course larger towns and villages may have more of a "civic" nature with the attendance of mayors and chairs of councils. Always a good time to invite those who serve or have served country and community in so many ways, but of course especially in war.


Ideas: An Advent calendar based on peoples' in the village, Posada (find information about developing a Posada - a way of people hosting Mary and Joseph in their homes during Advent - in your village here), lantern making, services of light, Angel themes, prayer stations ...

Family Activity Advent Calendar from the Church of England

Some ideas from our website are below:

A Musical Feast for Advent

Advent Meditation

Advent Candle Service

Service of Light and Advent Carols



Once again, the season needs no iontroduction!

You can read a short account of a walking nativity in Peter Tavy incorporating a farm and various village landmarks here

Church of England Advent and Christmas Resources page can be found here

The Methodist Church Advent and Christmas resources can be found here

If you have any services or activities that you have used in your church and communityplease do email them in so we can share them with others.


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