Tourism Providers

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There are two major issues relating to tourism at the present time. The first has been an unprecedented request for visitors to stay away, less likely with the new travel restrictions and stay at home advice, but of particular concern before this was issued as these articles below demonstrate. This advice must have been heartbreaking to give for tourism leaders and businesses who rely completely on people coming for their whole livlihoods.

For our local population there will be much hardship as in our rural county and beautiful part of the world, so much of our economy is based on tourism. The lack of tourists this year wll affect B and B owners, hotels, guest houses, holiday parks, campingand caravanning sites, those who offer holiday cottages, people who work in the hsopitality industry, in theme parks and other attractions, and all those who support these businesses in cleaning and maintenance and through the normal supply chains. The list of people affected will be enormous. Some will be able to be helped by the various government schemes but not all, and with th best will in the world no scheme can cover all losses. We all need to be looking out especially for people who have lost employment and livlihoods with support and care and practical help within the limits of goernment advice on travel and social distancing.