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TARKA Refugee Project

The acronym TARKA stands for "Together Aiding Refugees, Kindly, Abidingly"

Find out how one Mission Community in north Devon is supporting a project - led by the small rural parish of Landcross - to sponsor 2 Syrian Refugee families here

Latest news is that the project has found a house  and is asking for volunteers to help make it into a home for the first family ...

Making a House a Home!

Following many weeks of house hunting, we are pleased to say that we have finally found a house for our Syrian family!

Thank you to everyone who helped in our search and those who helped to ensure the house meets our family’s needs. The house has had to satisfy the requirements of the District Council, the County Council, and even the Home Office.

It is a house, a pre-loved house, but it is not yet a home. So, how do we help make it a home? Of course, only our Syrian family will be able to make it their home. But, we have a few weeks still to make it more homely, before they arrive. There are legal necessities to complete and the family will need time to prepare for another major upheaval in their troubles lives. They have been driven from their home in Syria by a violent Civil War, leaving behind loved ones, their home, their possessions, and had to adjust to life in a refugee camp. There, they will have made new friends. Now, they need time to say goodbye again and prepare for a new life, new language, and new friends.

That gives us the time to prepare their new home.

We need to ensure the house is safe and secure; warm and comfortable; clean and bright! So, we are looking for a small band of willing volunteers; people who can give a day or three of their time to DIY, clean, paint, garden or move furniture. If you can help, please contact me, Brian Walker or 01237 425 068. Thank you.

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