February - Rural Worship and Mission Opportunities - under development

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Below you will see a range of events in February which may provide a starting point for ideas about worship or mission opportunities for your church and community.

For example - the Devon Tourism Awards event might lend itself to a celebration of tourism providers in your locality - or even local "awards", National Marriage week might lead into a special service of blessing for couples in your community, or you might invite a speaker from Christians Against Poverty to speak at your Sunday service - and so on. More ideas and resources can be found via the "click here" links - and please send us your ideas - email address below.

For ease, the events are colour coded for type - Christian Festival, Faming and Food, Tourism, Community, Social Issue, Fishing and Coastal, Nature and the Environment. When you "click here" by any event, you will be taken to the page where further information and resources can be found for all events of this type. The events are listed in date order on these pages, so please scroll down to find the event you are interested in.

This calendar will always be a work in progress. If you would like to make any suggestions for additional events to be included, and especially if you have additional resources, or develop liturgies or activities related to these events, please do email them to theundergardener@outlook.com and we can add them to our website.


Event Date Further Information and Resources Type (see colour code)
Devon Tourism Awards 2nd February 2023 Click Here  
National Marriage Week 7th to 14th February Click Here  
Church Action on Poverty Sunday

Last Sunday before Lent

19th February 2023

Click Here  
Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day) 21st February 2023 Click Here  
Ash Wednesday 22nd February 2023 Click Here  
Fairtrade Fortnight 20th February to 5th March 2023 Click Here  
Snowdrops Throughout the month Click Here  



Light Pink = Tourism

Orange = Community

Red = Social Issues

Blue = Christian Festivals

Deep Pink = Nature and Environment