Meeting 16th November 2017

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Papers and Background Information for Meeting 16th November 2017

Agenda for the 16th November meeting

Item 4 notes from the last meeting

Item 6d C of E rural strategy paper "Shaping strategiesfor mission and growth in rural multi-church groups"

Item 7 Growing the Rural Church Presentation

Item 9 Launch of the RSA Food, Farming and Countryside Commission

Deemed Items

Item 11a Germinate Training Resources - report from meeting with Jill Hopkinson October 2017

Item 11b DCRF Social Issues Project work update and actions from May 2017 DCRF meeting

Item 11c Farming Issues and Pastoral Support - please refer to our Farming News page

Item 11d Shrinking the Footprint 2006 to 2016

Item 11e DCRF Newsletter and Website Update

Item 11f Reports from the Bright Field Community Day held in May

Item 11g Report from the Loneliness Conference held in June

Item 12 Notices and Events

email text on research project regarding loneliness in older men in rural areas

Flier regarding research project above

Updated Events, Conferences, Workshops page from DCRF website

Transforming Ageing - If you have an idea or solution to transform the lives of older people in Devon, please see our page here which will give you all the information needed on the project and application process. You could receive financial awards and expert support to help develop your ideas.

Launch of Crossing the Theshold Toolkit from Diocese of Herefore - step by step approach offering advice, hints and tips for any group taking a community development approach towards adapting a church building for wider community use, while balancing the needs of existing worshippers.